Dual Axis Digital Inclinometer


The HDI-PRO digital inclinometer is a dual-axis handheld inclinometer designed to measure the slope with an accuracy of 10 seconds arc in the range of ±5° and an accuracy of 1 arcminutes in the range of ±180°. Temperature compensation, fast calibration capability and the ability to communicate with ETC and UTC series inclinometers have made HDI-PRO digital inclinometer a reliable product for operational environments.

Dual Axis Digital Inclinometer


The HDI-NANO inclinometer is a dual-axis handheld  inclinometer designed to measure the slope of the surface in the range of ±180° with an accuracy of better than 0.030°. To use this device, the user usually connects it to the surface where he wants to measure its slope or angle, then the device shows the information related to the slope or angle through a digital screen.

Inclinometer Sensor


The UTC-PRO sensor, designed based on the micro-electromechanical linear accelerometer (MEMS), is a two-axis static inclinometer that measures an angle to the local horizon at a range of± 5 °with an accuracy better than 10 arcseconds.

Inclinometer Sensor


The ETC-PRO sensor, designed based on micro-electromechanical linear accelerometers (MEMS), is a dual-axis static inclinometer that measures the angle with the local horizon within ±180°

With Tilt Measurement

GPS-RTK North Finder

GPS-RTK North Finder is a satellite system used to accurately determine geographical location and orientation. This product is a precision tool that uses GPS satellite technology along with radio communications with a base station to determine the direction of the North.