Inclinometer Sensor UTC-PRO

The UTC-PRO sensor, designed based on the micro-electromechanical linear accelerometer (MEMS), is a dual-axis static inclinometer that measures an angle to the local horizon at a range of± 5 °with an accuracy better than 10 arcseconds.
The sensor is specially developed for operational environments and has been able to maintain its accuracy over the entire measurement range thanks to the use of “three-dimensional processing of accelerated data”.

  • Industrial Design
  • Dual Axis

With the use of “Multi-Factor Temperature Calibration” Technology and temperature compensation based on the internal temperature sensor, UTC-PRO sensors have been able to achieve the highest temperature stability among all commercial Inclinometer in the world and maintain their temperature error in the entire temperature range of less than 1 arcminute.
Resistance to electromagnetic interference and high long-term stability have made these sensors perform acceptable in industrial environments. The UTC-PRO sensor is suitable for accelerated platforms and does not perform well in static systems.

Temperature characteristic

Key Features

  • MEMS-based
  • Full range in two axes (X, Y).
  • Accuracy maintaining throughout the range with 3D acceleration data processing.
  • Error limit of 10 seconds of arc.
  • The compensated temperature is -40C to +85C.
  • Using "multi-factor temperature calibration" technology
  • Maximum temperature error of one arcminute by combining data from multiple accelerometers.
  • Long-term stability of 30 seconds of arc in 6 months
  • IP-67 Standard

Technical Specifications

Some Applications

  • Highly accurate alignment for various machining equipment
  • Elimination of long-standing errors in inertial measurement units
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Alignment and calibration of radars and satellite ground stations
  • Vertical angle monitoring for wind turbines and telecommunications docks
  • Solar Panels Alignment
  • Alignment and monitoring of deviation in large-scale pipelines
  • Altimetry for construction equipment
  • Monitoring changes in vehicle orientation

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