GPS-RTK North Finder

With Tilt Measurement

GPS-RTK North Finder is a satellite system used to accurately determine geographical location and orientation. This product is a precision tool that uses GPS satellite technology along with radio communications with a base station to determine the direction of the North.


GPS-RTK stands for GPS Real-time Kinematic, where a base station in a fixed location monitors atmospheric and tidal changes, then transmits instant information to devices for calculating their position with centimeter accuracy.
The North Finder GPS-RTK can accurately determine the north direction without requiring manual calibration, making it suitable for applications such as mapping, construction, mining, and the oil and gas industry.

Key Features

  • Support for multiple GNSS standards such as GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, and...
  • The ability to receive data from diverse satellites and combine them optimally
  • Measurement of slope and location
  • Increasing accuracy by extending the length of the antenna arms
  • Capability for data storage

Technical Specifications

Some Applications

  • Highly precise mapping
  • Accurate positioning measurement
  • Tracking of agricultural machinery
  • Precise location in mining
  • Accurate orientation in the oil and gas industry

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